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Sunarto Sunarto, Saiful Bachri, Leny Noviani, Bambang Sigit


The purpose of this study is to improve the competence of students through application of integrated learning model with student recap on social studies in First Muhammadiyah Junior High School of Surakarta. This research is a class action research. The subject of this study was social studies teacher of First Muhammadiyah Junior High School of Surakarta and students of class 9A. Data collection techniques in the study were: observation, questionnaires and tests. Analysis technique used is the comparative analysis technique, quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. The research was carried out for 2 cycles. Implementation of IPS learning based integrated learning alongside student learning recap conducted for two cycles. The first indicator in this study is the implementation of IPS learning based on integrated learning seen in cycle II. In the cycle II, IPS teachers are able to apply learning based integrated learning by choosing the theme “towards globalization”. This theme can be used to explain the basic economic competence, sociology and geography by selecting the indicator from each basic competency that are potentially able to be integrated into the theme of “towards globalization”. Unlike the cycle I, the teacher carry out learning IPS with the theme of World War II was too broad. An explanation of the World War II that associated with sociology and geography matter less focused. Students are required to master the material and historical facts that a lot with in relatively short time. Based on the student records or the student recap that collected in groups, students are very creative as well as in cycle I. On the cycle I and cycle II, the student can demonstrate the relationship of matter in terms of history, geography and sociology. Student involvement in classroom discussions is active, as well as student involvement at the presentation. Student involvement at presentation appears to be evenly distributed, that discussion is not dominated by a particular student. The teacher efforts for an interactive discussion are by pointing out those clever students at random, each group must provide a response or argument. Teachers do this in order to train students to express his opinions. The level of student satisfaction on learning social studies in the cycle II showed that 33 students (82,50%) gave a high response, 7 students (17,50%) gave medium respond. No student who gave a low response. Based on the results of the evaluation related to the theme of globalization in the cycle II known that students who scored above 70 were 37 students (92,5%) and 3 students (7,5%) scored below 70 but above the KKM. In the cycle II, all of students of class 9A have achieved complete study.


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