candi borobudur kerajaan di indonesia


Mahmud Mustafa, Ummiati Rahmah


This research is aim to multi-year research grant competition entering its second year. In a study expected to find a development model in the form of Computer Assisted Learning Instructional (CAI) which can be used as a tool in learning Electronics Analog Electronics for UNM Students, which one of its products in the form of media and multimedia-based learning laboratory in the form compact Virtual Disk (CD ) programs that are interactive. In order to achieve these objectives, researchers used the stage at the Development Research which includes phases: analysis, design education, design software, teaching materials and learning design, development, implementation and assessment. Results Analysis and Design of computer-based learning models in the first phase produced a prototype device multimedia computer-based learning technologies are built using Macromedia Flash software and collaborated with software electronics Bench Work (EWB). Produce devices that are interactive learning. Device specifications of multimedia computer-based learning technologies are among others: (1) provides a virtual laboratory facilities, (2) provide instrumental music facilities, (3) has a video tutorial lab; (4) has job sheet practicum and (5) a description of the study, (6) propel writer, and (7) instructions for use. The study has tested the feasibility developed as a medium of learning aids in student learning.


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