candi borobudur kerajaan di indonesia


Chafit Ulya, Edy Suryanto


This research aims at improving the quality of poetry writing learning process by synectics approach. It is a Classroom Action Research. The subject is the students of X8 grade SMA Negeri 3 Salatiga which consists of 25 students. The teacher played a role as learning facilitator and the researcher as passive participant. Techniques of collecting data were done through observation, test, interview, and document analysis. This Classroom Action Research consists of three cycles. Each cycle consists of 4 steps i.e. plan, action, observation and interpretation, and analysis and reflection. The result of the research showed that learning through synectics approach could improve the poetry writing learning process. This improvement was reflected on: (1) the improvement of student's activity during apperception process, cycle I 40%, cycle II     68 %, and cycle III 72%; (2) the improvement of student's activity during teaching learning process, cycle I 66%, cycle II 76%, cycle III 88%; the improvement of student's activity in answering the questions in spoken or written, cycle I 53%, cycle II 72%, and cycle III 88%.

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