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Students’environmental Literacy Profile in School-Based Nature and in School that Implement the Adiwiyata Program

Susi Dwi Susilastri


This study aims to express students’environmental literacy profile in  school-based nature and in school that implement the Adiwiyata program. This research was conducted with descriptive method through an intangibles survey in two schools; school-based nature  and Adiwiyata regular school in the city of Bogor. Data Collecting uses the questions of PISA 2006 scientific literacy environment. This questions intend to measure   environmental knowledge, the questionnaires and interviews intend to measure attitudes, awareness, responsibility and participation of students to environmental problems. The results showed that the students’level of PISA environmental literacy of school-based nature and in school that implement the Adiwiyata program are  still in the level of consciousness, not  at the level of behavior. Mastery of knowledge is still low at 35% and the average score of the attitude 54%. The students’ awareness is still low because their environmental knowledge is also still low. The learning process that does not exploit the capabilities of students’ science process was suspected as one of the causes of students'low achievement  of knowledge acquisition environment. Internal and the family environmental factors are also influence the results , as  the support of school  infrastructure is very strong.

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