candi borobudur kerajaan di indonesia

Pemanfaatan Limbah Sisa Hasil Panen Petani Sayuran di Boyolali sebagai Bahan Baku Pembuatan Pupuk Cair Organik menuju Pertanian Ramah Lingkungan

Yudi Rinanto


The aim of the research is knowing the utilize of vegetable waste into organic liquid fertilizer raw materials. Decomposing microorganisms used is Local Isolates of Boyolali (LIB) and EM4. ILB contains 9 strains of bacteria, which is a group of three strains of actinomycetes isolated researchers and 6 other strains including effective microorganisms Bioedu UNS. Test carried out on a scale liquid fertilizer plots. One plot consisted of 3 rows with a total number of 69 pieces of cabbage plants. Treatments were conducted of 3 levels of fertilization, namely: P0 = without organic liquid fertilizer (control), P1 = organic liquid fertilizer (PCO) in the form of EM4 and, P2 = organic liquid fertilizer (PCO) in the form ILB. Each treatment was repeated 3 times. From the experimental results it can be concluded that: (1) Local Isolates of Boyolali (ILB) is the most excellent in decomposing vegetable waste (20%)  (2) cabbage plants were sprayed using ILB have more green colored leaves and weight at 20% increase compared to the current crop using chemical fertilizers manufactured.

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