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Satwa Liar di Area Reklamasi PT Adaro Indonesia, Kalimantan Selatan yang Direvegetasi Kurang dari Dua Tahun

Mochamad Arief Soendjoto


There was no monitoring specifically on fauna in the reclamation area of PT Adaro Indonesia. The objective of the research was to record fauna species in this area which had been revegetated less than two years ago. Diurnal birds as a main object were recorded through observation point and survey in four reclamation locations, but mammals, reptiles, and amphibians as supporting objects were recorded merely through survey. Data on birds was analyzed based on a five minute unit to obtain both relative frequency of presence and that of location utilization, but those of others were analyzed merely to list their presence. Thirty bird species, 1 mammal, 3 reptiles, and 4 amphibians were identified in the reclamation area, but each 1 species of mammal, reptile, and amphibian was not identified yet. Five bird species were always present in every location, although their relative frequencies of presence varied. They could be categorized as pioneer birds in the reclamation area. Nine bird species were found only in a certain location

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