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Uji Konsentrasi Klorofil Daun Temu Mangga (Curcuma mangga Val.), Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza), dan Temu Hitam (Curcuma aeruginosa) dengan Tipe Kertas Saring yang Berbeda Menggunakan Spektrofotometer

Kurniawan Adi Prastyo


Chlorophyll is a dye that is widely available in the plant organs such as leaves and stem bark. Chlorophyll plays an important role in the establishment of the materials is needed by plants to grow and evolve as the process of photosynthesis. This study uses the leaves of the genus like Curcuma mangga Val., aeruginosa, and also xanthorrhiza. In this study used the testing of leaf chlorophyll content using filter paper different is Whattman type 1, 40, and 42. From the test results of the chlorophyll content, the results showed that the retrieval Curcuma mangga Val. the value of a high concentration of chlorophyll contained in filtering results with Whattman paper type 42. Curcuma aeruginosa high chlorophyll a concentration shown in the results of filtering with Whattman paper type 1, and Curcuma xanthorrhiza chlorophyll concentrations approaching the difference figures are not much different, which is between 6.4 to 6.6 with the highest value on the results of filtering with Whattman paper type 1.

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