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Pleurotus ostreatus sebagai Nutrisi Pertumbuhan pada Mus musculus

Riris L. Puspitasari


Pleurotus ostreatus or white oyster mushroom had been produced commercially on an industrial scale as food and supplements. It is because of this oyster mushroom contained nutritions that were nutriceutical benefit. These fungi acted as anti-tumor, lower cholesterol and anti-oxidants. Based on the wealth of information on the nutritions and the many benefits of this white oyster mushroom, we run the research to obtain information related to the potent of oyster mushrooms in mice. So that white oyster mushroom can be used as a potent medicine to heal various diseases. The purpose of this study was to determine the potency of white oyster mushroom as nutrition growth in mice. This study began with the optimization of the white oyster flour making. Mice in dose of 100 mg / KgBW showed the highest body weight compared to other doses. In the body length parameter indicated that the treatment group with dose of 100 mg / KgBW gave an average body longest compared to other groups. This dose also rise the highest feed intake while the group with the least amount of feed intake was in dose of 200 mg / KgBW.

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