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ANALISIS KURIKULUM SEJARAH TAHUN 2013 (Studi Kasus SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta)

Dwi Ari Nur Rokhmawati, Sunardi Sunardi, Sariyatun Sariyatun


Dwi Ari Nur Rokhmawati. NIM: S861208009. 2014. Analysis Of History Curriculum 2013 (A Case Study on SMA N 1 Surakarta). Thesis. First Counselor: Prof. Dr. Sunardi, M.Sc. Second Counselor: Dr. Sariyatun, M.Pd, M.Hum. Historical Education Study Program of Postgraduate Program of Surakarta Sebelas Maret University.

This research aimed find out: (1) background of the curriculum in 2013, (2) a foundation curriculum in 2013, (3) the existence of historical subjects in the curriculum, 2013, (4) curriculum in 2013 provide space on the material and the development of innovative teaching history, ( 5) character education in the curriculum 2013. This study was taken place in SMA N 1 Surakarta.

This study employed a descriptive qualitative method. The data source used included informant, place of activity in learning, and document. Techniques of collecting data used were in-depth interview, direct observation, and document study (content analysis) using purposive sampling technique. The data validity used was source, researcher, method, and theory triangulations. Technique of analyzing data used was an interactive model of analysis encompassing data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing or verification.

The results of this study are as follows: (1) curriculum as curriculum development in 2013 was born in 2006. (2) the development of the curriculum in 2013 based on the philosophical foundations of education philosophy of Pancasila and eclectic (3) subjects in the history curriculum in 2013 became one of the main subjects. (4) curriculum in 2013 provides an opportunity for teachers to develop learning materials with scientific history so that teachers not only teach the facts of history but also the history of the hidden or hidden history. (5) character education in the curriculum of 2013 is integrated in all subjects, supported the implementation of school culture and role models.

Keywords: Curriculum, Teaching History, SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta


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