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PEMBELAJARAN IPS DI SD INKLUSI (Studi Kasus Di SD Negeri 4 Bejen, Karanganyar)

Fredyastuti Andryana, Herman J Waluyo, Hermanu Joebagio


The purpose of this study is to explore: (1) the learning plans in SD Negeri 04 Bejen, (2) the learning actions in SD Negeri 04 Bejen, (3) the Learning evaluation in SD Negeri 04 Bejen (4) the learning obstacle in SD Negeri 04 Bejen. This study is done in SD Negeri 04 Bejen, Karanganyar. This study uses descriptive qualitative method. Sources of data used are informants, documents, documentations, places and event. The techniques for collecting the data are in depth interviews, observations, and documents using purposive sampling technique. This study uses source triangulation,   methodological trianggulation, theory triangulation, and investigator triangulation as its data validation. The data analysis technique used is interactive analysis model included data reduction, data serving, and conclusion drawing or verification. The results of this study are as follow: (1) in the learning plans, teachers make RPP (Plans of Learning Process) appropriate syllabus and prepare the media, and make questions. (2) the learning process consists of three activity steps; they are: pre activity, main activity which consists of exploration, elaboration, and confirmation, and post activity which is the last activity consists of reflection and assessment. (3) the learning evaluations done by teachers is not too show changes in knowledge of students of the higher, but a change in attitude and character in accepting the differences that exist in the surrounding areas, especially in schools, which have the diversity of learners. (4) facilities and the lack of creativity of the teachers, and lack of support from the community to the school inclusion become obstacles in learning. To overcome the obstacles, the schools continue to seek government funding for school infrastructure and scholarships for students, and provide thorough training for classroom teachers to handle children with special needs, and provide socialiszation to the surrounding community.


Keywords : social learning, inclusive education, elementary school


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