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Arising Power of Reason through Inquiry Learning In Natural Sciences Learning for Students of Primary Teacher Education

Kartika Chrysti Suryandari


One aspect of high-level thinking ability in natural science learning is reasoning. Reasoning is categorized as a basic competence that must be mastered by students. Activities in science learning as a means to solve a problem through logical reasoning. This study aims to foster reasoning through inquiry learning for Primary Teacher Education Program in analyzing, solving and drawing conclusions from the problems in the Basic Concepts of Science course. This type of research is qualitative descriptive research. The research subjects were Primary Teacher Education Program,Kebumen, Universitas Sebelas Maret, third  semester who attended the Basic Science Concept in 2. The data were announced using observation, interviews and questionnaires. Data analysis by source and technique triangulation. The results show that reasoning can be grown in learning through brainstorming, scientific reading, observation and analogy, etc. The recommendation from this research is the reasoning power is grown through continuous cognitive activities for students to improve critical and creative thinking skills.


arising; power of reason; inquiry

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