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STUDI TENTANG KESIAPAN SISWA SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEJURUAN (SMK) DALAM BERKOMPETISI DI DUNIA KERJA ( Studi Kasus di SMK Bhinneka Karya Surakarta Program KeahlianTeknik Mekanik Otomotif Tahun Pelajaran 2010/2011 )

Haryo Kusnanto


The purpose  of this study  were (1)to  find out  how thereadiness of  vocational studentsin SMK Bhinneka Karya Surakarta competed in the world of work, (2)to find out what are the things  that  block  the  SMK  Bhinneka  Karya  Surakarta  in  preparing  students  to  be  able  tocompetein  the  world  of  work,  (3)tok  now  thee  fforts  that  made  the  SMK  Bhinneka  KaryaSurakarta  in  overcoming  these  barriers.  The  studyused  a  qualitative  approach  withdescriptive  methods  and  strategies  of  singlespikes.  The  source  data  consists  of  informants, places  andevents  as  well  as  documents  and  archives.  Data  collection  techniquesused  were interviews,  observation  and  document  analysis.  Sampling  techniqueused  was  purposivesnowball sampling. The validity of  the data used is the  triangulation  of  sources and  methods. Techniques  of data analysis  using  interactive  analysis model.  Based on this research, efforts to prepare Bhinneka  Karya vocational students to be able to compete in the world of work is through the implementation of the Teaching-Learning Process, industry practices, and skills certification  test.  But  in  practice,  the  SMK  Bhinneka  Karya  Surakarta  have  problems, namely: (a) Lack of Funds For Education Organization, (b) The lack of laboratory facilities in  the  Process  of  Education,  (c)  Lack  of  Responsibility  of  Teachers  Against  the  task  and obligation,  (d)  Difficult  to  Find  world  of  Business  and  Industry  Invited  to  cooperate.  The work done  SMKBhinnekaKaryaSurakarta  to overcome these obstacles are, (a) Enabling the Production  Unit,  (b)  Adding  Process  Support  Laboratory  for  Education,  (c)  Held  briefing and warning by the school, (d) Maximized the role of School Council.

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