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Based on the experiences, many teachers do not feel very successful in teaching story problems. On the other hand, many students find that story problems are one of the most difficult challenges in mathematics and do not like them. However, there has been no official report on the matter, at least in Indonesia. The purpose of the research is to identify student's errors in doing story problems on fractions, both decimal fractions and usual fractions. The research was conducted in Kota Surakarta, involving students in grade 6 for twelve elementary schools. Eight essay story problems on fractions were given to those students. Then, data about the student's errors in doing story problems were collected by looking over the student's work thoroughly. After analyzing the data, the research concluded that about half of the students did not answer story problems correctly. The data also revealed that story problems involving usual fractions were more difficult than story problems involving decimal fractions for the students. There was a trend that story problems which include complex calculation were more difficult than story problems which include simple calculation.

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