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Sarwiji Suwandi


This study aims to describe and explain (1) the participation of lecturers (FKIP UNS) in winning competitive research, (2) efforts in winning competitive research faculty, (3) the type of research conducted faculty, (4) the scope of the research problems of interest lecturers; ( 5) outcomes of programs targeted faculty (6) the achievement of targeted outcomes research, and (7) the efforts made in improving motivation and institute faculty research competence. The research was conducted at the University FKIP of March. The method used in this study is a survey. Population of this study was all university lecturers FKIP of March. The research data was collected using the documents and interview techniques. Data analysis techniques used in this study is essentially descriptive analysis. Description based on categories and each component is presented in the form of averages and percentages. Based on the analysis of data can be presented the following conclusions. First, who successfully won a competitive research professor FKIP UNS have ups and downs (fluctuations).Second, there are a number of efforts made to win the lecturer to competitive research, which among others: (1) the training or workshop that runs from the LPPM UNS, (2) seek information from various sources regarding the sources of funds, the national research agenda, and etc., (3) held discussions with the peer group. Third, the type of research is the most widely performed FKIP UNS is a research professor of the class action or PTK (45%). Fourth, the scope of research problems that most professors do FKIP UNS is a problem related to the implementation of learning and learning innovation. Fifth, the most superficial research conducted outside lecturers FKIP UNS is a form of learning model of learning (39%) of scientific articles (19%), a model of effective school management (12%), and models of innovative learning media (11%). Sixth, the target outcome research in general can be achieved. Seventh, the institution (or LPPM FKIP UNS) has conducted training/workshops, and research grants/research incentives.


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