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Content Validity and Scoring of Two Tier as Measuring Instrument of Science Process Skills for Knowledge Aspects in Chemistry Learning

Sri Yamtinah, Sulistyo Saputro, Haryono *, Budi Utami


Problems in chemistry learning related to the three levels, namely the macroscopic, sub-microscopic, and
symbolic (representational) (Barke, 2009: 27). During chemistry learning, student’s abilities to understand
the roles of each representation level and transfer to another level is an important aspect for produce an
explanation that can be understood. The curriculum of 2013 mandates that the essence of a scientific
approach to learns through the Science Process Skills. Two-tier used as an instrument for measuring
knowledge aspect because its abilities to analyze the cognitive skills of the students. Through two-tier,
students just not pick the answer on items but also provide a reason for the answers are chosen so the
cognitive processes can be observed and measured. As an instrument to measure the Science Process Skills, the fulfillment validity of the content becomes important. This two-tier instrument has good content validity between 0.78 to 1.0. Therefore, the scoring system that used in the examination students’ answer sheets is important part of this instrument to analyze science process skills student.


science process skills, two-tier instrument, scoring system, content validity

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