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Syntax Construct Validity Of Project Based Learning Ofglobal Warming Material

Rini Budiharti, Sutantoro *, Lia Aristiyaningsih


The aim of this research is to test construct validity in the syntax development model of Project Based
Learning (PjBL) based on Physics learning in the Global Warming material at Senior High School. This is a quantitative research used Research and Development (R & D) model. The model development that was used in this research is Borg model and Gall, that is descriptively model, which is showed the steps that should be followed to create product, in this case in form of syntax of PjBL learning model based scientific approach. The first step of this research was collecting data information related to the need analysis in the field related with implementation of Curriculum 2013 in the Physics learning. As it’s established in curriculum that through learning process in each subject it is hoped that can direct students to implement the concepts which they are got to solve the problems or natural phenomenon through scientific approach. In the Physics learning at Senior High School, PjBL become a one learning model which applicative to the citizen dynamic, for those it is needed to develop a syntax model of PjBL based on scientific approach that appropriate in learning. Data collection is done by documentation technique, interview, questionnaire, and test. The data collection is in form of qualitative and quantitative data. The datum were considered valid through repetition process (iteration) and the data that often appear the being analyse qualitatively through Miles and Huberman interactive model, that is through data reduction, data display and drawing conclusion in the same time and after data collection process. Data analysis technique that is used was descriptive qualitative analysis. The result of expert validation stated that the product is appropriate to be tested in the school with some revision. The result shows that the learning syntax that was designed was appropriate to be tested to students with some revision. The test was done, to each test project threat to the big group of students’ amount 32 students. Based on the test result which was conducted it is got the average percentage who achieved passing grade is 84%. So that the product which is created is effective to be implemented in the Physics learning process at Senior High School. The result of this research is in form of syntax model of PjBL in Physics learning in Global Warming material for students of Senior High School with the characteristics below: (1) Learning syntax that is developed is suited with scientific learning approach (2) Global Warming material divides in two projects that is project of The Cause of Global Warming and Reducing Carbon Track (3) Each project has different time allocation, viewed from the comprehensiveness the material and the project that is developed. Then, it can be concluded that the product which is created in this case is in form of syntax model of PjBL based on scientific approach, lesson plan, and students’ worksheet in the Global Warming material with description of activities cover: 1) Observing and Questionning to the aspect of Basic Question, 2) Experimenting/ Data Collection or Information to the aspect of Designing Project, 3) Associating/ Analysing Data and Information to the aspect of Arranging schedule and Monitoring students- project progress, 4) Connecting to the aspect of Result test and Evaluating experience; suitable to be implemented in Senior High School Physics learning.


Syntax, Physics learning, Project Based Learning model, Global Warming

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