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The Profile and The Understanding of Science Process Skills Surakarta Open University Students in Science Lab Courses

Setiyo Prajoko, Mohamad Amin, Fatchur Rohman, Muhana Gipayana


The aim of this study is to find out the profile and the student’s understanding about science process skill of Elementary School Teacher Study Program (Prodi PGSD), Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Distance Learning Business Unit Open University (UPBJJ-UT Surakarta). The study used a survey method by spreading questionnaire to 65 students who join Science Lab Courses in April 2015. The Result of the study shows that the students’ profiles of PGSD program dominated by female and non-science graduates who work as non-civil servant teachers with 1-10 year job experience. Most of them have practical learning
experience but they have low understanding to the lab tools and materials. Students assume that the lab kits and modules that are used on the lesson are difficult to be understood. They also know the model of learning and assessed aspects in the study. The result of science process skill measurement shows on medium category. Based on the result mentioned above, it is necessary to conduct further research by using models and instructional media which are able to optimize the students’ science process skills.


Student’s profile, science process skills, science lab

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