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Robomind Utilization to Improve Student Motivation and Concept in Learning Programming

Rosihan Ari Yuana, Dwi Maryono


Robomind is one of the PAT (programming assistance tool) software that used as a tool for programming learning and improving the understanding of programming concepts, as well as improving the ability of logical thinking and problem solving. The advantages of Robomind compared to the other PATs are a simple graphical display and attractive, it can be used for students ranging from primary schools, secondary schools and further education. Besides design and features, Robomind has also fulfilled the Robert Gagne’s instructional theory concept. The
aim of this study is how to utilize robomind as a tool to motivate students in learning computer programming and know the students' responses to its use in understanding the programming concepts. This research is motivated by the lack of student motivation in learning programming that caused by the initial perception that programming is difficult. In addition, some programming elusive concepts also make the lack of motivation to learn programming. This research was conducted at the Department of ICT Education FKIP UNS on Structured Programming course in first semester. Results showed, there were 90% of students feel motivated to learn programming although not previously been familiar with programming at all. In addition, it is also obtained from  the survey that 20% of students who previously had studied programming, 85% of whom could have better understanding concepts that were previously less understood.


robomind, learning, programing

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