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An Action Research Through Cooperative Learning To Improve Students’ Portfolios

Suratni *


This article is based on a classroom action research (CAR). In this research, I have acted as a Lecturer
in CAR. This CAR has involved students in one class of Publishing Study Program Batch 6 Semester 3
in Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif (PoliMedia) Jakarta. By applying a cooperative learning strategy, I
set out to make magazines as a result of the writing assignments on English lesson. Magazines are
chosen because the students have got writing and editing skills from English lesson, and layouting skills
from Digital Graphics lesson. It means that the students have been taught to write and edit manuscripts,
and they also have learned how to design magazine's cover and content. During sixteen weeks, the
students followed the process of creating magazines. Finally, the students can increase their writing and
editing capabilities, and thus help students to make their portfolios.


CAR, cooperative, magazine, English, students, portfolio

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