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Hands-on Projects: a Technique for Improving Students’ Involvement of Speaking Class

Ratnawati *


Demotivated and insecure students in speaking class were found at second grade students of Galuh University, Ciamis, West Java. The observed problems came from the students’ involvement was poor in whole classroom activities especially speaking class. Hence, this study would like to improve it through hands-on project during a semester. This study employed descriptive qualitative with some included steps planning, acting, reflecting, and observing. Observation and questionnaire were administered to collect information from students. From the result of observation and questionnaire, they were found that applying hands-on project for speaking class got positive result. Moreover, students’ involvement grew significantly during classroom activities. In line with findings, it can be said that this technique has got significant effects toward students’ involvement in speaking class. So, educators need to apply it as their choices in future planning lesson.


hands-on projects, students’ involvement, descriptive qualitative.

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