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Developing Character Based Interactive Learning Media to Facilitate Students' Self-Learning of Mathematics Capita Selecta (A research on mathematical critical and creative thinking skills of Mathematics department students of teachers training and educa

Nani Ratnaningsih, Hetty Patmawati


This research aims to design and develop a character based learning Interactive Media to Facilitate Students'
self-learning of Mathematics Lecture Capita Selecta in developing Mathematical Critical and Creative
Thinking skills of students. This research employs developmental research for one year from two years as
planned. Research methods and its study in the first year is started by theoretical studies conducted mainly
in literature and rational considerations, and empirical studies when the trials of character-based interactive
media is designed to explore critical and creative thinking skills of students. Result of this study can be
drawn that the designed teaching materials are already able to direct students to discover concepts related
to materials of Algebra, Quadratic Equations and Functions, and Systems of Linear Equations, and the
given problems can explore critical and creative thinking skills of students. Teaching materials designed to
be interactive media is ready to use to facilitate self-learning of the students. The further research is
implementing capita selecta Mathematics as lecture using character-based interactive learning media to
students who attend the lecture in order to determine the influence of media in developing interactive
learning critical and creative thinking skills of the students.


Character-Based Interactive Media Learning, Critical Thinking Skills, Creative Thinking Skills

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