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Communication in Education: An Abandoned Research (Phenomenological Study of Communication of Education in Makassar)

Citra Rosalyn Anwar


This research is motivated by the phenomenon of communication as an essential part of education, but did not get a major concern as part of the education itself. As the most important part of the educational process, it does not develop communication education in teaching and research. So it is necessary to remind communication education as a major part of education, especially for educators and research studies are interesting to explore. This study shows the phenomenon of primary educator in the city of Makassar, which is now not only an educator of teachers in the classroom, but also has many roles to be in lakoninya. On the other hand, a lot of problems going on in the world of education in Singapore is often regarded as miscommunication between educators and learners, but the communication is not taught as part of primary education for teacher educators. This is the background of the underlying communication researchers powerful enough to reveal the phenomenon of education to form and grow at a very strong local Makassar. Culture in Singapore as well as in various regions in Indonesia, affecting the communications made by educators. Conditions and education policy changes to make educators in Makassar deal with the problem of communication, policy, social, heritage that is often discussed in this DIFFERENT. Research using the method of Phenomenology. The process of data collection is done by in-depth interviews and observations, the educators consisting of thirteen levels of education and from the two public universities in Makassar. Several theories support used in this dissertation include: Social Actions, Phenomenology and Symbolic Interaction. The study found a wide range of phenomena encountered as the motivation underlying the education profession as an educator, motivational educators communicate, communication educators generally in the classroom and in the Classroom Affairs, as well as cultural influences communication



Communication Educators, Communication Education, Communication, Culture Campus, educators in Makassar

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