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Teaching Poetry by Using CBLT

Siswantoro *


Poetry is the most neglected subject in the teaching of English as a Second Language. Being neglected for
long, it has become a peripheral item. Unlike reading and speaking it is minor n the major trends. No wonder
teachers and students are not familiar with it. Therefore they do not know how to interact with a poem
The major cause is the lack of competence in its convention. Culler states anyone lacking in it, would be quite
baffled if presented with a poem. Like structure, it serves as the underlying system.
Arbitrarily it is a set of rules. To be able to interact with poetry, students have to provide themselves with it
the way a poet does. It covers (1) figures of speech covering simile, metaphor, hyperbole, etc. (2) rhythm
covering: syllable, foot, metre (3) meaning related to autonomy, theories developed on the back of the New
Criticism, semiotic theories developed under the influence of the discipline of theoretical linguistics, and
internationalist theories inspired by speech-act theory and Grecian analysis of meaning; and (4) poem forms
covering ballad, sonnet, free verse, etc.
As the complex whole, poetry cannot be taught wholly at a time. It is broken into smaller parts called units of
competence. Through the graded goals, the whole communicative competence will be achieved incrementally.

Teaching Poetry by Using CBLT


The complex whole, units of competence, schemata, patterns of stress, trochaic, short-term goal

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