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Video Recording Mobile Phone Camera of Micro Teaching Subject in Teaching Skills of Students Teacher : The Case of Students Teacher Education in Islamic Kalimantan University MAB Banjarmasin

Angga Taufan Dayu, Raudhatul Haura


Teacher training and education programme has activities that are in the form of  lecture intended to train students to have experience with factual and technical readiness about the learning process, and basic skills learning which can then be used in preparation to develop themselves as prospective educators before plunging into school. The research design is qualitative research. This study investigated the perceptions of student teachers to video recording mobile phone camera as the media in teaching micro teaching. The data were collected through in depth semi-structured interviews with 18 student teachers in English Department Programme of Faculty of Teacher Training Education of Islamic Kalimantan University MAB Banjarmasin. Participatns indicated that they used video recording handphone camera in learning/exploring theory of teaching practice of hands on experience. The research has also shown that by using video recording handphone camera the students had more to do teaching practice, as they need the application skills of teaching. Based on the findings in this study, it is recommended that the teacher education training programme in Islamic Kalimantan University recomended increase the amount of time for teaching practice for student teachers by using video recording handphone camera.


Video Recording Handphone Camera, Micro Teacing, Teaching Skills

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