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Language Deviations in a Popular Novel: An Alternative Way to Teach Morphology and Phonology for English Department Students of Madura University

R.Agus Budiharto


Language becomes the medium in performing the works, especially literary work in written form, such as
novel. The writer‟s ideas in his literary work such as novel are illustrated by language, especially by the word
choices in creating the works. Sometimes, when the writer creates his ideas in his work, he/she uses the
language deviation to make his language become creative. Language deviation can be applied in English
novel that can be a medium for students in studying English. This paper tries to investigate the language
deviations in popular novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K Rowling utilized as an
alternative way of teaching morphology and phonology for fourth semester students of English department in
Madura University. The findings show that by using the language deviation, particularly grammatical
deviation and phonological deviation, the students have some effects on the their mind, the effects are making
the students‟ mind have the funny feeling when they connect the language deviation with the familiar English
standard language, making them have a curious feeling when they read the novel of which the arrangement of
words are not in order, and making them pay more attention to the story.


Grammatical Deviation, Language Deviation, Phonological Deviation

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