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Three Step Interview to Improve Students’ Speaking Ability in Islamic Higher Education of Bakti Negara Tegal

Pindha Kaptiningrum


Students have been flooded with reading and grammar materials from many resources, especially from the
module, the book, eBook and online resources. Not all English aspects have been taught at class. The
researcher has tried to improve the students’ speaking ability by using three step interview. Three step
interview was a cooperative learning that the students interview their partners by asking the given theme.
Then, partners have switched the roles. For the final step, students have shared the result of interview with
their partner. This research was an action research aiming at applying three step interview to improve
students’ English ability. Thus, the researcher has used test to measure the students’ speaking ability. The
result of analyses has shown that in general students’ speaking ability in terms of the overall impression of
their speaking, their fluency, their pronunciation, their grammar and vocabulary, and content/message in the
two cycles have improved, particularly in cycles I and II.


speaking ability, three step interview, cooperative learning, action research

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