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Teaching Metaphor: Engaging Student’s Creativity in Writing Class

Muh. Saeful Effendi


This paper discusses one of the ways to improve student’s writing ability. Having good competence of grammar is not merely in line with writing competence. Above all, creativity, knowledge and experiences are considered to be very important aspects in process of writing. Thus, incorporating concrete student’s experience will help students integrate prior experience and facilitate students learning abstract concept. By doing so, student can generalize notion of the topic they are going to write. Metaphor shows the way in incorporating student’s experiences into vivid and meaningful words. Metaphor is a bridge for the interaction between the initial state and course of experiences factor. The way covers gathering student’s experiences, formulating metaphorical expression, expressing the meaning, peer review and grammar correction. In conclusion, metaphor gives opportunity for students to optimize their strength and makes use their experiences to write creatively. Metaphor also makes learners focus on the form of language. Furthermore, metaphor helps learners to handle linguistic creativity.


metaphor, student’s creativity, writing class

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