candi borobudur kerajaan di indonesia

The Quality of the Indonesian Language Teacher-Made Tests at Junior School Level

Aris Badara


Teachers’ ability to compose high quality test is highly important, because with the good quality test, teachers are able to measure precisely the success of the learning process they has done. To be able to know teachers’ ability in composing learning outcome test, the research has been done in order to acquire clear information. The measurement of learning outcomes test quality made by teacher can be seen in test item validity, test reliability, test discriminating power, and test difficulty level. The research result shows that the tests made by Indonesia language teacher are: (a) invalid so it cannot become students’ learning outcomes measuring instrument, (b) it does not have test validity aspect, (c) it does not fulfil test reliability test. Based on the result, intense training related to test composing technique, test quality analysis, and school’s evaluation techniques is necessary.


Indonesian Language subject, teachers-made test, test validity, test reliability

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