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Supplementary Materials Based on Constructivism Principles for Students’ Effective Learning

Dewi Cahyaningrum, Dewi Wahyuni, Hefy Sulistyawati, Kristiandi *


Learning materials that are locally relevant with the diversity of students’ condition and needs and meaningful
for their learning are one of some factors influencing the students’ achievement.  However, it is not easy for
teacher to provide the students with these adequate learning materials.  Teachers are sometimes just left with a
set of textbooks to use without additional learning materials. Besides, there are just few teachers trained to
adopt, adapt, and mediate locally available learning materials to meet the current needs of the students. As a
result a number of learners do not achieve the learning objective. This paper is in the form of descriptive study
talking about supplementary materials for reading skill based on constructivism principles for students’ effective
learning.  It proposes a practical model for developing supplementary materials following constructivism
principles by fostering teachers to do self-evaluation of their teaching and need analysis for accommodating the
students’ diversity condition. Supplementary materials are designed to provide students with engaging activities
through which they develop skills, acquire concepts and be responsible for their learning.


Supplementary Materials, Constructivism Principles, Effective Learning*

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